Portfolio & Services of Hero Construction Limited

Hero Construction has proved their delicacy and elegance in constructing buildings. No doubt, they are renowned amongst high rise building manufacturers. In Hyderabad, one of the well-known project they are known for is Boulevard Mall. This beautiful invention of Hero Construction is the place of all ages where one can find everything of need.

Boulevard Mall consists of various sections of shopping, where several shops of branded things can be discovered. We can also find a play area for toddler, kids, teenage and adolescent. Famous grocery with the name of The Grocers Supermarket can be also located in this prestigious mall. A food court is also established in Boulevard Mall by Hero Construction, where people of different races enjoy their food with their families. Boulevard Mall is actually a primary symbol of Hero Construction, which ultimately led Hero Construction to a popular construction company in Hyderabad and an accredited portfolio of Hero Construction emerged in the market. Presently, diverse Hero Construction projects are undergoing and if you have ever thought of any investment in a classical project, where you can get the profit more than your assumptions, then please visit

From the very beginning to the end construction services are being provided by Hero Construction. Some of the services they cater to include, fixing elevators, escalators, stylish glass doors fabricators and graceful cinema halls. Currently, people from different places are coming at Boulevard Mall to enjoy their time at this elegant and glamorous spot.

However, at the moment there are four distinctive Hero Construction projects are under construction and their bookings have been kicked off. These projects include Boulevard Hotel & Club, Boulevard Gold, Boulevard Enclave, and Royal Boulevard and their construction is being carried out. People can opt for any package they think reliable and convenient.


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